How we redesigned Smartcar’s brand to better communicate our mission

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Smartcar is a developer platform that allows mobility businesses to connect with cars. We recently introduced Smartcar’s new brand identity that communicates Smartcar’s mission of “empowering developers to build the future of mobility” in a more inspiring and approachable way.

Why a redesign?

Smartcar’s product has come a long way since our last brand refresh in 2019. We continuously advanced the product, partnered with new industries, and even expanded to additional markets outside of the United States. Soon we realized that Smartcar’s brand needed to evolve to match the growth of our platform. Our minimalistic design language limited the ways in which we…

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When I started my degree at Berkeley in Cognitive Science, if you told me that a few years later I’d be a design intern at Coinbase, I probably would’ve been confused, then surprised, then overjoyed.

But it’s true. Over the last few years, I’ve become really passionate about design, and this summer I had the incredible opportunity to work for Coinbase: a company whose product I used, and whose mission I truly admired. In May, I started my design internship on the Consumer team at Coinbase’s headquarters in San Francisco. …

Kathleen Hsu

Product Designer @ Smartcar

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